Congresswoman Sanchez's top priorities include promoting job creation and policies that will sustain long-term economic growth and innovation while strengthening middle class families.

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Loretta grew up in a working class family and she has been on the forefront of helping expand opportunities for employees. She has worked with business and labor to negotiate better working conditions and better wages and benefits. She believes healthy, happy employees drive up productivity and have positive benefits to a company’s bottom line.

During her time in Congress, Loretta created the Congressional Regulatory Review Caucus. This bipartisan caucus was created to provide a forum to review the merits and goals of existing and proposed regulations on businesses and the work environment.

As a former financial analyst, Loretta is uniquely situated to help local businesses as they struggle to grow and thrive in our communities. She has fought for small business loans and against tax increases, and she voted for provisions that expand investments and encourage entrepreneurship.

Ms. Sanchez brought hundreds of millions of dollars for basic research to our universities in OC. This in turn has created many new starts in bio-tech, bio-med, and info—each industries in our county.

Congresswoman Sanchez will continue to work with labor and business to create a level playing field for all of us to succeed in our new economy.