Homelessness in OC

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez believes much of our homelessness in OC derives from three issues: the high cost of housing, the inability for our current Board of Supervisors to implement mental health parity and a system to deliver help to those in need, and a lack of a safety net when an illness financially affects a family.

Watching the homeless encampments pop up and grow in many of our cities, Sanchez refused to ignore it. She has been working (pro bono) with WISEPlace, a transitional women’s shelter, to raise money to build a permanent apartment building of 30 micro units (168 sq ft) to rent to (subsidized) unaccompanied, single women. These are the most vulnerable of those out on the streets and Sanchez is co-chair of that capital campaign.

Ms. Sanchez plans to address and work on the housing crisis, mental health parity and to make our healthcare system of delivery more accessible to Orange County residents.