Energy and the Environment

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has led on the environmental front for the people of Orange County. During her time in Congress she secured almost $400 million to build the Groundwater Replenishment Water System allowing all water in the central and north area of OC to be recycled. As a result, residents have lower water rates and water security for the future.

Ms. Sanchez has worked on securing more natural habitat for the future enjoyment of Orange County residents. She has secured funds to dredge the Newport Back Bay to ensure that natural wetlands are secured for the future.

She secured the monies to clean up the El Toro Marine Base before it was handed over to the county and the City of Irvine.

Loretta worked with UCI to fund a state of the art Climate Change Water Program. She believes we must all do our part to reverse climate change to protect our planet for our children.

Ms. Sanchez has been working with California's new tech companies to develop programs to "green" our buildings. Not only will we protect our environment, but we will create the new well-paying jobs of the future as well.